GERMANY - Flowers of home

Our migrants' validation group was asked to check which flowers are the same in Germany and in their home countries. They were free to make paintings or lyrics or express themselves as they liked as long as it was an artistic expression. Some chose to make a scetch, some made a small poem. One lady just cut a piece of deep blue paper in order to show the intensity of her home country's colours of blossoms.

There was a time when I loved roses

„There was a time when I loved roses, the same as here in Germany. Then I learned that rose plantations in Africa need a lot of water, which people lack for their fields and for growing food. Some say that roses are a reason for the poverty of Africa for Europe. That they are a reason that we can no longer live there. Since then, I see roses in a very different way.” Anna from Ghana (45 years) Picture credits: Pixabay CC

Roses which do not smell

„In Syria we have so many roses which have a wonderful smell. I wonder why the roses in Germany often don’t smell at all. Maybe I have to wait until I can smell them.” (Sophia from Syria, 35 years old) Picture credits: Pixabay CC

Zola's flowers

Zola says: "I can't paint, I can only scribble. But I am also a flower!" (Zola, 19 years old, from Ghana)

Abena laughs about "Agapanthus"

Abena recognized on a picture in the Würth 2 museum in Künzelsau a flower which is very common in her mother country Ghana and is cultivated in many gardens and parks. She did not know the name and was laughing about the latin name which is "Agapanthus" - "It sounds like an African dialect", she said. The German name sounds even stranger to her: "Schmucklilie" ("lily like a jeweel").

Poppies on roofs

Dari from Afghanistan says that she really likes the flower meadows in Germany. At the moment the red poppy is in bloom. "It also blooms in Afghanistan, sometimes even on the roofs of the mud houses in the country. Can you imagine what they look like, houses with red blooming roofs?"

Lonely tulips?

In the gardens the last tulips of spring are in bloom. Dari from Afghanistan asks: "Are there actually fields of tulips in Germany? In Afghanistan there are many fields with colourful tulips, not just a few like here in the gardens. I really miss the tulip fields. Here in Germany the tulips are lonely in the gardens."

New image

Dari from Afghanistan loves flowering meadows. They remind her of her lost home. "These flowering meadows are so similar to those in Afghanistan", she says, but the sky with the many clouds always seems different to her in Germany. "When the sky is very blue, the clouds are so very white. I don't remember that from Afghanistan, but probably I did not have much time there to watch the sky. In the end, it must be the same sky here and there, mustn't it?"

The power rose

In one of the gardens we find this incredible rose with two coulours and really a big blossom. "This is a real power rose", says Elayla, our friend from Syria. Elayla, who was a farmer in Syria, is convinced: "Only chicken manure can do that." We all have to laugh, because you won't see a chicken in this housing estate for miles around. But Elayla will not be swayed by this: "There's chickens around here somewhere," she insists.

Fluffy plants

There are leaves that feel wonderful, that are very soft. Anna from Ghana finds this plant with soft round leaves in the park. The small flowers are yellow and hang down in large clusters. One of the park gardeners tells us the name of the plant: "Frauenmantel - Lady's coat". Anna is thrilled! What a strange and yet quite harmonious name, because a coat is fluffy and soft.

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