AUSTRIA - Mud brick architecture in Asia and Africa

Our group had participants from Afghanistan, Syria and from Mali. Mud brick architecture is very commonin this part of the world. To our surprise,it can also be found in ournew homecountry - Austria! See next room!

Mud brick buildings in Afghanistan (1)

Mud brick buildings can be found everywhere in Afghanistan. This is an old tower in the Qala district in Kabul.

Mud brick buildings in Afghanistan (2)

Mud brick walls of the city fortification near the Park Palace Guest House, with remnants of the war.

Mud brick buildings in Afghanistan (3)

The mountain village Qala-e Sabazi, in the centre of Afghanistan

Mud brick buildings in Afghanistan (4)

Shahr-e Gholghola or Gholghola City is also called the City of Screams, the City of Woe, or the City of Sorrows. It is an archaeological site located near the town of Bamyan, Afghanistan.

Mud brick builings in Iraq (1)

In many cities in Iraq (and in its neighbouringcountries) one can find small streets like this.

Mud brick building in Syria

This picture shows a tradiitional mud brick farm house in Syria:

Mudbrick architecture in Yemen (1)

Yemen is famous for its multi-storey houses bulit of mud bricks.

Mudbrick skyscrapers in Yemen!

Deep in Yemen’s most remote valley lies the city of Shibam. The city of 2,000 inhabitants hardly seems impressive. Just a handful of high-rise residential buildings, not so different from the Soviet-style blocks found across the Arab world. Yet these buildings don’t date from the 20th century, or even the late 19th century. They were built almost five centuries ago, and have remained largely unchanged since. The city is one of the few to be designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. Its 500 houses reach an astounding 100 feet in height, almost as high as Chicago’s first skyscrapers. Perhaps most remarkable of all is the fact that the city was built using nothing but mud.

Mud bricks are a common building material in Africa

In many countries in Africa, both North and South oft he Sahara, people use sun-dried loam to build their houses.

Mud brick buildings in the Maghreb

In the dry climate of Morocco, big parts of old twnshavebeenerected using sun-dried loam briicks as buildingmaterial

Mud brick houses in Mali

In the Sahel states, most rural buildings are made from mud bricks. Here we show a Dogon village in Mali.

Mudbrick buildings in Burkina Faso

The Great Mosque of Bobo-Dioulasso is one of the most outstanding examples of earth architecture. It is more than 200 years old.

Mudbrick buildings in Cameroun

The Musgum people live in Cameroun and Tschad and build their traditional homes in form of bee hives. Do you see the similarity with the house in Syria?

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