AUSTRIA - Mud brick archiitecture in Austria and in the future

It was a great surprise for our group to find out that mud brick architecture can also be found in Austria. We are glad to see that our new home country has something in common with the countries from which we come! Finally, we want to show you some pictures of modern loam architecture.

Mud buildings in Austria (1)

In the Eastern parts of Austria,but also in HUngary, Roumenia and Slovenia, many farm houses are bulit with sund-dried mud bricks

Mud buildings in Austria (2)

While the foundations are built with stomes, the walls are mad of mus bricks. Very often,new windows and new facade plaster are hiiding the old brick walls.

Mud buildings in Austria (3)

Also the „cellar streets“ consist mostly of loam architecture. These houses have no inhabitants, they are just for keeping the wine production equipment and lead to large underground cellars.

Modern earth architecture

Modern earth architecture

The inside of a modern house built with mud bricks

Modern earth architecture

A modern earth house in the United States

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