Validation Activity

Flowers of homeOur migrants' validation group was asked to check which flowers are the same in Germany and in their home countries. They were free to make paintings or lyrics or express themselves as they liked as long as it was an artistic expression. Some chose to make a scetch, some made a small poem. One lady just cut a piece of deep blue paper in order to show the intensity of her home country's colours of blossoms.
Feelings - paintings reflect my moodWhy are we going to an art exhibition? Because we enjoy the exhibits, because we love the atmosphere of the rooms, because we can be alone with our thoughts and the works of art, because we want to exchange ideas with like-minded people, because art brings us joy. But how do refugees and migrants perceive works of art of our Central European culture? What feelings do they evoke in them? We were with a group of refugees in Museum Würth 2 in the Carmen Würth Forum in Künzelsau. We roamed through the exhibition with art of the 20th century - abstract and figurative. Then we asked the group: "Which paintings, sculptures, graphics triggered feelings in you and which were they? Are there references to your life? Process these feelings in your own artistic way - as picture, poem, sketch." Here are the results.
Photo walkA photo walk is a good opportunity to see things with different eyes, namely through the photo lens. Especially, when new European citizens look at a city. We went on a photo tour with a group of seven women asylum seekers and asked the women to take pictures of things they noticed - and to comment on them artistically.

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