Validation Activity

Loam houses around the worldOur group consisted of ten male migrants. Five came from Afghanistan, three from Syria, and two from sub‐Saharan African countries. The theme of our work was to find out how loam (clay) is used for buildings in many parts of the world.
Mud brick architecture in Asia and AfricaOur group had participants from Afghanistan, Syria and from Mali. Mud brick architecture is very commonin this part of the world. To our surprise,it can also be found in ournew homecountry - Austria! See next room!
Mud brick archiitecture in Austria and in the futureIt was a great surprise for our group to find out that mud brick architecture can also be found in Austria. We are glad to see that our new home country has something in common with the countries from which we come! Finally, we want to show you some pictures of modern loam architecture.

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